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What’s the deal with GobMan?

Time and again it’s a complete surprise for me which games get downloaded a lot and which don’t. About six weeks ago, I uploaded a number of Pac-Man clones from the 90s. They got relative little attention, with one exception: GobMan.

In relatively short time, this game (by a Canadian, more specific Québécois, programmer, Filipe Mateus, about whom I hadn’t heard before) made it into the top twelve, where it has stayed consistently.

So I wonder, what’s the deal with this game, of which I had never heard before? Is it some secret cult classic I didn’t know about?


One response to “What’s the deal with GobMan?

  1. about filipe June 2, 2011 at 23:48

    Hi. It simply because it’s one of the best pacman remakes in terms of playability and was “available” (shareware) for free since 1992, well i suppose.

    By the way Filipe Mateus is not Canadian but a French canadian, a Quebecker (Québécois in their language)

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