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Black Box and Xonix

I wrote about how I’m often taken by surprise by the popularity of games, how, when I upload something, I still don’t know whether it will be a success or not. Nothing has changed since then BTW, after dropping out of the top twelve for a short time GobMan is now back on place 10, and I still don’t know why.

In a more recent case I did find out. Black Box is a 1970s board game (sort of) that enjoyed some popularity with Windows programmers for a while. I only ever came across a single graphic DOS implementation. When I put that up for download, it made its way into the top twelve quite fast. Why?

It turns out that there is an application named blackb0x, an FTP server for jailbroken PS3s. Not long ago version 1.2 of this app was released. The game I put up had the version number 1.2 too, and was simply named Black Box, Black Box 1.2. So it tended to turn up in searches for the FTP server, and I guess a lot of people just wanted to know what kind of game this is that has the same name.

The latest surprise is Xonix32, a Windows remake of the old DOS Qix clone Xonix. I added it about a month ago, today it entered the top twelve. Not counting the two QBasic sample games, it’s the third new addition to achieve this since I started Download Central. I have now added the original Xonix as well. It will be interesting to see whether it in any way shares the popularity of its remake.


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