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Alphabetic master list

That went a lot faster than I thought. The second half of the alphabet took me less than two hours, and the alphabetic list is now truly a master list containing more or less every game I have something about, somewhere. It has 1861 entries.

There still remains a lot of work to do. One side effect of having such a long list of games is that there are more and more with identical or very similar names. When I have three games named Codebreaker (with slight variations in capitalization, written in one or two words) that are all Mastermind implementations, then it’s easy to make just one entry that redirects to the Mastermind page. But other homonym games, like Blox and Bubbles, have absolutely nothing in common. I think I’ll take a page out of Wikipedia’s book and make disambiguation pages in these cases, so far I simply have separate entries.

So it’s not over yet, but at least there’s now one place where (nearly) all the games are listed.


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