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Five Windows 3.1 games with exceptional 16-color graphics

New York, New York

New York, New York is based on a simple concept, Towers of Hanoi. In this implementation you have to disassemble and reassemble the Statue of Liberty. (Makes you think of Keynesian job creation, doesn’t it?) The graphics aren’t overly detailed, but get an astonishing amount of atmosphere out of the Windows palette.

Destroyer for Windows

Destroyer for Windows is based on another simple concept, Battleship. Graphics not only show a lot of love for detail, they are functional as well: The hits your fleet takes are shown on the ships at the bottom of the screen.


I was a bit hesitant here: While it’s still impressive, the developers of WallBall did screw up a bit, and the graphics don’t display as they should under a 16-color setting. But it’s still impressive, it still sticks out.


MatchUp won’t make you say, wow, I didn’t think that could be done, but it’s still a very good usage of the Windows palette. It’s colorful and still harmonic.


Philippe Lesire’s Atomic for Windows probably tops them all. He managed to make his game look better than the Amiga original.


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