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All hail FreeFind

FreeFind is an excellent free search engine you can add to your website. (The free version is initially limited to 64MB of HTML and/or text, but that will rarely be a problem.) I’ve been using it on my old site since February 2003. It’s great.

Now you can, of course, simply put a google search form on your pages, configured to a site search. You can even sign up as a google affiliate and earn some money from the searches. So, what’s the advantage of using FreeFind?

Mainly: control. You have no control over how often google spiders your site and how completely it indexes it. With FreeFind, your site will always be completely indexed as long as it stays within the size limit, and you can configure how often you want your site spidered. And you can always tell it to spider it now, if you made a bigger update out of schedule.

And if you really want to go into it, you can use it as a sort of database. You can add special code in HTML comments that are only read by the FreeFind spider. I’ve never used these features so I won’t say much about them, but you could do really interesting stuff.

Please note: I’m not affiliated in any way with FreeFind. I don’t get a cent if you sign up. I just think it’s a great service.


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