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Five games running in small windows

These are not the five games running in the smallest windows, either in general or among the games I know or offer for download. They are just five games, four for Windows 3.x and one for Windows 9x, running in small windows, none of the screenshots has more than 40,000 pixels, but still looking rather nice. I have omitted any games where the menu bar wraps, for example. Nor have I included any games with scalable graphics. Except for P. Höhn’s Memory, all the games below are from the USA.


Triplets is a sort of board game where two players try to uncover three smileys in a row or column. Pixel count 38,880.


Slider is an implementation of the standard puzzle of Klotski. The window is not only small, it is also completely custom, having no title or menu bar. The menus are accessed by right-click, a rare thing for a Windows 3.1 game. Pixel count 25,344.


P. Höhn’s Memory is concentration with a few extra features. The playing field can be set to a larger size, but this is how it starts by default. Pixel count 33,128.

Button Madness

Button Madness is an implementation of Lights Out (but before the concept was known under this name), the nicest I’ve come across yet. Pixel count 29,340.

Bear Resemblance Game

Bear Resemblance Game is a simple tile puzzle. It has the smallest window in the bunch, pixel count 21,600.

Update 2011-07-26: There are meanwhile four more games running in small windows.


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