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Some Funsol screenshots

Funsol is a package with no less than 113 different solitaire games for Windows. Even in the shareware version they are all playable, the only difference to registered is the number of shuffles. I uploaded the last 16-bit version (Funsol 2.1) and the otherwise identical first 32-bit version (Funsol95). Here are a couple of additional screenshots, showing the various card backs and table backs.

This is how the game starts by default under Windows 3.1:

Funsol 2.1

The rest are Funsol95 screenshots. First, pebbles on the table and a photo of seagulls on the card backs:

Funsol95 1

Crawling ants on the table and some sort of map on the card backs:

Funsol95 2

And finally, a brickwall backdrop and various balls on the card backs:

Funsol95 3

There are about seven or eight of each, table backs and card backs, I didn’t count them. You select them in the option screen with Up and Down buttons, which is a bit inconvenient on a small (640×480) desktop, since you have to click away the option screen to actually see the card backs.


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