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Windows 3.1: So many card games, so few Tetris clones

I uploaded lots of card games to the Windows 3.1 section in the last days, and there are now more than Tetris clones—even though I’ve uploaded nearly every Tetris clone I know and have, and just a fraction of the card games. It’s strange. As far as I can tell, it’s a complete anomaly.

I’ve written about possible reasons for the popularity of card games on Windows. But what reasons could there be for this astonishing lack of Tetris clones? It can hardly have been technical problems, since Tetris only requires a single sprite, while simple arcade games with several (Pac-Man, for example, has five) were no problem either. Tetris was highly popular in the era, its first commercial release coincides approximately with the release of Windows 2.0. Actually Tetris is less underrepresented in the pre-3.0 era.

I really don’t know. It’s strange.


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