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Five games of world conquest

These are games that give the player a map of the real world, and the goal to conquer it all. Some of these games have been inspired by Risk, others not, all of them are for Windows, and all but one for 16-bit Windows.

World Empire II

The the latest game of this type that I have uploaded, the one that inspired me to this post, is World Empire II. It seems that World Empire was originally a DOS game, and this is its Windows 3.x port. I didn’t really figure out how to play it, the screenshot is from a savegame that’s in the archive. In any case it has the most detailed and professional graphics of the Windows 3.1 games presented here.

Dr. Hell's Conquest of the World

Conquer the world Japanese style in Dr. Hell’s Conquest of the World. Battles are fought with RPG mechanics. You start with a single hell machine, but you can hire mercenaries or tougher warriors after each battle. Some regions are protected by super heroes, be careful.


The ultimate board game of world conquest is, of course, Risk, and RiskIt, as the name suggests, emulates this board game. It is actually a quite authentic implementation, cards and all. Some features are disabled in the shareware version. The graphics were obviously designed for display on an EGA screen and look a bit strange on VGA.


The probably best known and most popular Risk implementation, WinRisk, is actually somewhat simplified. The cards are gone, the maximum number of players is three. But it can be played over modem.

Dogs Of War

I was a bit hesitant about including this game. Dogs of War is not a simple board game like the others, it is a complex war game with an economic as well as a military aspect. As a classic war game, it is based on a historical situation, in this case World War II. The winning condition is not to conquer all the territory, but the enemies capitals, when playing as Axis, two out of three will do. But all in all the similarities are still greater. This is the only 32-bit game in the bunch, and it has by far the best graphics. On a desktop of at least 1024×768 you can see the whole map at once.


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