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Windows 3.0 games, 1990

I just updated the list of Windows 3.0 games, adding, for now, all those from the year 1990 now on Download Central. I added only the native 3.0 programs, not the hybrids like Klotz 2.11a, Checkers or Backgammon, but I did add those where an older 2.0 version exists. In total, there are now 24. This is probably a significant portion of the Windows 3.0 games from that year that exist at all. Now, of these 24,

  1. at least seven were written by Microsoft employees,
  2. seven are definitely arcade games,
  3. six are Tetris clones of some sort,
  4. not a single one is a card game of any sort,
  5. four are of unknown origin, and
  6. only four are from some distinct location outside the USA.

Point one just shows that Windows development, or at least Windows game development, was still mainly practiced mainly within the walls of the Microsoft headquarters. I write at least because they do not usually identify themselves as such, so these are just the ones I know by name or that put a Bogus Software or Duff Software copyright notice into their games. The completely anonymous Hex Tetris seems to be a sample program of a Microsoft application and may as such fall into this category as well.

Point two to six are interesting because they run contrary to what is true or at least said about Windows games in general. It is also interesting that one out of four Tetris clones for 16-bit Windows are from 1990 or older! As for card games, I checked those that I uploaded so far, two are 1991, nearly every other 1992, and the rest later. I guess it has to do with Visual Basic.

Point five is just a curiosity. As for point six, these four games are from the UK, Ireland, Australia, and Germany. It just shows that Windows wasn’t used or at least programmed for outside the USA a lot at that point.

Anyway my curiosity is now piqued. I’ll do a systematic search for Windows 3.0 games from 1990 and post updated statistics when I’m done.


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