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Photoshopped or not?

Sometimes I do learn something new from spam post. There’s a site called Photoshopped Image Killer. You can upload an image (up to 2MB) or enter an image URL there, and the program will try to determine whether it has been manipulated or not. It seems that at the moment it is still strictly limited to Photoshop and does not detect manipulations by other programs. It did not detect anything I had done in IrfanView. I tried it with some random pics I had found on the Internet, and it would often report a color balance or saturation adjustment. When I tried it with some celebrity fakes, it would often detect no manipulation at all, and if it did, the report was not really helpful to determine what had been manipulated. So, at the moment, it is still of somewhat limited usefulness, but it’s worth keeping an eye on.


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