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Dopewars, the first PC game

This occurred to me only after I published the previous post: Dopewars was the first game concept to be born on the PC. When John E. Dell wrote his Drug Wars, all the PC games came from somewhere else, mainframes, arcade machines, the various 8-bit home computers. Drug Wars was a PC game and nothing else.

It seems that Dopewars mostly remained a PC concept as well. There’s a Dope Wars X for Mac that goes back well into the times of the classic systems. There is a DopeWars for Amiga by Mark Gare (here and here) from 1999/2000. There is a Dopewars for Atari ST, also from 2000, when the concept was already 15 years old. I found no 8-bit versions at all.


One response to “Dopewars, the first PC game

  1. Mark Gare October 13, 2011 at 03:21


    I wrote the amiga version in amos a very long time ago. it was my first game written on the amiga.

    I previously wrote games on an old BBC.

    I want to make web based games that will be compatible on all phones and computer systems

    if anybody wants to help write games in HTML 5 then please contact me:

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