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Sorry! is a game of the Pachisi/Ludo family, at least in the board layout it differs more from Pachisi than any other variant. It was designed by William Henry Storey of Southend-on-Sea in the 1920s, and has been produced by Parker Brothers since 1934. In the United States, it is the most popular Ludo variant.

There are not many PC implementations of Sorry! So far I have found four from the 20th century:

  • By Joe Glockner (Texas), 1988, DOS/EGA. It is sometimes known by its file name, EGASORRY.
  • By Anil Rhemtulla (Canada), 1993, OS/2.
  • Slippery Ludo by Nigel Rigby (UK), 1998, Windows 9x. The author does not actually refer to Sorry!, but the board has a very similar layout.
  • An official conversion by Third-i Productions, published by Hasbro on CD-ROM for Windows in 1998. The illustration at the top of this entry is taken from this game.

Joe Glockner’s Sorry! is the oldest PC implementation of a Ludo game I currently know, one year older than George Leotti’s Pachisi or H.A.B. Smals’ Mens erger je niet.


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