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Windows 95 on DOSBox

A couple of days ago I did it: I installed Windows 95 on DOSBox. There’s a very good guide how to do it, to which I have nothing to add. Just a few personal notes on my experiences.

In short: It works, and it can be useful, but it doesn’t work very well. Windows 3.1 runs nearly perfect meanwhile, it doesn’t need a boot disk but can run on DOSBox’s DOS, and only very rarely there is a game that won’t run on such an installation (Runner is an example).

Windows 95 on the other hand gives a nice gallery of error messages. I can’t even open the Control Panel. Every time I try to I get this:

Another drawback is that it’s impossible to mount a folder as an additional hard drive, since Windows has to boot from the image file and the mount command is not available. It’s not a real problem, but you’ll have to use WinImage or a similar program to move files to and from the image file. Just make sure it’s large enough for everything (mine is 400MB).

Nevertheless it does come in useful. K/oS Othello 97 for example came as an installer that wouldn’t run on XP, but ran on the DOSBox installation. With YA-zee, the same is true for the game itself. So it’s a useful thing to have, but not a replacement for an actual computer running Windows 95 or 98.


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