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An English love for Patience

At the moment, there are 67 Windows 3.1 card games, and a few more for other platforms—too few perhaps, too early to make any theories based on statistics, still I couldn’t help but notice the relatively high number of games from the UK. Due to the card game uploads, when I reached 1300 downloads a few days ago, the number of Windows 3.1 from the UK games was for the first time higher than those from Germany.

A closer look shows a few more interesting things. First, this is even more true for solitaire (Patience) games. I have, for example, quite a number of card games from Italy. Most of them are Italian national games like Scopa, one is a Bridge program, not a single one solitaire. Of the four German card games, only one is a solitaire.

And nearly all of these UK games are from England, even more specifically, from rural England. Only for one game, HDS Hi-Lo, the author has given an address in Scotland, and this is not a solitaire game. None has given an address in London, or any other large city.

Interesting. I’ll revisit this topic when the sample is larger.


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