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Dominoes for Windows

I uploaded some domino games today, as well as a puzzle game that uses domino pieces. Here’s a short overview. I have included, as the last item, a game that has been up for a while but fits the category.

Dom31 Dom95

Dom31 and Dom95 by Bud Baker (SpinnerBaker Software) are basically the same game, just one’s the 16-bit and the other the 32-bit version, and the domino graphics available in the shareware versions are different. The background color can be chosen.

The pieces are rather small, which may be annoying on a large screen, but on a 640×480 desktop (which is what the games were designed for) it’s perfect. You will always be able to see all the played pieces, especially since the interface takes up very little space.


Brian Colton’s Dominoes leave less room for the pieces, you may have to scroll to see them all.

Dominoes For Windows

Greg DeBacker’s Dominoes For Windows feature nice large stone graphics and might be a good game for larger monitors—if the window was resizeable or could be maximized. Alas, it can’t.

Other games using domino pieces

Domino Solitaire

Domino Solitaire by Astro Computing is a puzzle game. Place all the domino pieces on the board so that the values match.


Magic by Carlos Fragio is another puzzle game. It challenges you to build a magic squarefrom domino pieces. This is the only one of these games that is not from the USA, it is from the Dominican Republic.


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