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Early Windows 3 games at Microsoft

Just trying to gain an overview of the Windows 3 games written in 1990 by Microsoft employees. I’m ignoring those I know only within the Windows Entertainment Pack. Months are according to the time stamp of the versions I have.

David Norris

  • Taipei 3.10, May.
  • Mines, June. This was a game of the older Relentless Logic type, where you have to cross the minefield diagonally. Little known, not widely distributed.
  • WinChess, October.

Hans Spiller

  • Space War!, August.
  • Space Invaders. Never seen this one myself, know about it only because Hans Spiller mentions it on his website.

Robert Donner

See the Duff Software post for details and screenshots.

Credited alone

Credited with others

These are all from June. In most the other credit goes to Curt Johnson.

  • TicTacToe, three variants.
  • Pipe Mania.
  • Sissors, Rock, Paper.
  • WinMine, several versions, last one (2.9) in July.

Curt Johnson

See the Curt Johnson post for details and screenshots. These are all from June.

  • Bricks
  • Bridge It
  • Puzzle
  • Slots

Scott Ferguson

  • QUADominoes, July. This game is not credited in any way, not even hidden in the executable, but it was included in the WEP as TetraVex.

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  1. Impeeza January 18, 2012 at 14:58

    and Chip’s Challenge?

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