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On doing my stats

Today I ran AWStats for the first time this month, and updated the most popular pages again. I always wait a bit at the beginning of each month since the results of just two or three days are usually meaningless. When I finally do them, the first stats of each month are usually especially interesting since there tends to be a greater shift than during the month.

Today I noticed especially that the newer uploads are finally beginning to catch up a bit. The proportion is still rather strange. Meanwhile, only one out of four games on Download Central has been transferred from the old site, the rest has been uploaded the first time since the new site exists. But these 25% still make up the majority of the top downloads. But now it’s down to 7:5 on many lists, with the Tetris clones, there’s even been a break even point.

Xonix32 Xonix

Xonix is still on the rise (I commented on that before here, here, and here). Xonix32 (where I recently replaced v0.60 with v1.01) has at the moment even overtaken Color linez and is among the games second only to Same Game. The original DOS Xonix has entered the top twelve, is #3 among the new downloads and #5 among the DOS games.

In this context, the popularity of Russian games in general is quite remarkable. At the moment, three of the top twelve downloads are actual Russian games (written in Russia by Russian programmers) and one is a close remake of a Russian game (Xonix32). Among the 32-bit Windows games, the numbers are the same.


WinBrick was something of a surprise. I added it at the end of June, and it has made #5 of the new downloads and #6 of the 32-bit Windows games. This may, of course, be a temporary phenomenon. Games with nice graphics often get lots of downloads as long as the thumbnail remains among the “latest added,” then drop into obscurity again.


Wordman has been up for quite a while, I uploaded it in November, and it never attracted much attention. Suddenly, it jumped up to #11 of the new downloads and #9 of the 16-bit Windows games. Again, it will be interesting to see whether this is a temporary thing or not.

Daisy's Garden

Finally, I’d like to mention Daisy’s Garden, the original 1995 game that still has 16-color graphics and is no longer available from Frank Burkart’s website. It is currently #12 of the Windows 3.1 games.


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