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Why I haven’t tweeted as much lately

It wasn’t because there were fewer updates, but because there were more.

I changed my method in June, as far as Download Central is concerned. I used to do the games one by one, take the screenshot, write the page, upload it, make an RSS entry, tweet it. Now I often do the steps separately, and mostly upload in bunches. It’s a lot less work for me if I upload four games in the same category, starting with the same letter, at once, even more if they are in alphabetical sequence. So I often wait with the uploading till that happens.

As a result, uploads became a lot faster later in June, instead of three I had a dozen or more games a day, and I no longer wrote an RSS entry for each of them, instead a log entry for every day and put that in the feed. And I only tweeted the occasional highlight.

Now I’d really appreciate some feedback here. I’m not familiar with the medium twitter. Is it a bad idea to have a dozen or more tweets a day? Would you get the feeling that your account gets spammed, would you unfollow me? Or would you like to have a tweet for every update, for every new download?

If you have any opinion on this, please comment below.


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