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Games from Scotland

I noted before that the vast majority of UK card games is from England, more specifically from rural England (An English love for patience). Now I wanted to see how this is with UK games in general, and went through all the readmes in search for contact addresses. I found half a dozen in Scotland, and two in Wales. Here are, for now, the games with addresses in Scotland.


The Clackmannanshire address is not for the author (Roderick A. Begbie) of HDS Hi-Lo, but for the distributor (Hillfoots Data Services). I’ll put it here anyway. It would be the oldest game from Scotland in my collection, and the only card game.

Hexagon Tristate

Peter Balch (Edinburgh) wrote several interesting Windows games from at least 1994 on. So far, I uploaded two of them, more will certainly follow.

Code Breaker

Another game from Edinburgh: Code Breaker by R.D. McDermid, 1995. It even has a picture of Edinburgh Castle in the about screen.


Steven Porter gives an Aberdeen address in Jump (1995).

Chain Reaction

Neil Fraser wrote Chain Reaction in Inverness in 2003.

Now, this whole thing should not be taken too serious. But a few details are interesting. In England, freeware and shareware development seems to take place in the country mostly. I think I came across only one London address, and I can’t remember any from the big industrial cities at all. But from these six Scottish games, three are from Edinburgh and one from Aberdeen.

That all these games are for Windows 3.1, is probably to a certain amount a coincidence, Peter Balch for example has written a couple of 32-bit games as well. Still, the absolute lack of DOS games is interesting. This is very different in England, but it is similar in Ireland. So far, I’ve come across only two DOS games from Ireland, and these were later than most Windows games.


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