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Windows 2.0 with 256 colors

For Paradise SVGA cards, which are emulated in DOSBox, there are drivers that allow running Windows 2.0 either at 640×400×256 or at 800×600×16. You can find them here, download PVGA16-2.ZIP. Here are two screenshots of Windows 2.0 running with 256 colors:

This is the Control Panel. Note that the default colors are much more intense and that Windows 2.0, unlike Windows 3.x, can take full advantage of the 256 color palette (Compare The Colors of Windows).

This is Klotz 2.11a running on this Windows installation. The gradient background looks a bit weird. The strange line on the right-hand side of the main window is probably due to the uncommon resolution, not color depth. Compare Klotz running on Windows 2.0 in VGA:

More related screenshots on Google+ here.

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3 responses to “Windows 2.0 with 256 colors

  1. John Elliott August 14, 2012 at 19:32

    There’s a screenshot of Windows 1 in 256 colours in PC Magazine.

    Unfortunately it seems to require a very specific graphics card: a Vermont Microsystems Image Manager 1024.

  2. Edivândio Junior May 4, 2013 at 11:01

    I have not the slightest notion of how to install iso in Dosbox. Can anyone help me?

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