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Four more games running in small windows

Some time ago I listed five games running in small windows, something that has always fascinated me. Then I had found some more, and made a new list, again with a maximum size of 40,000 pixels. That was exactly one month ago. I noticed that I had only four this time, so I left it as a draft hoping a fifth would turn up. It didn’t, so here’s the list anyway.

Usually I look only at how the game starts by default. I’ll make an exception for Ecstasy, since it’s such a cute game, and has only three size settings. By default it starts with 5×5 smileys, with 4×4 the window is small enough to fit here: Pixel count 31,920.

This is how Lights! starts by default under Windows 9x or XP. Under Win32s, you have to resize it to make it display nicely , and the window would be larger. Pixel count: 25,920.

Gem Mania is the third and last Lights Out in this list. It was written by Steven Marshall and has a custom window in the same style as Slider. A special feat the author has achieved here is that the icon is a complete representation of the game, just smaller in size, but the number of “gems” is the same! The window is already smaller than anything in the previous list, but it is not the smallest yet. Pixel count: 20,736.

This one is. Global Mines is a Minesweeper with Internet support, and in its default setting it has the smallest window I have ever seen on a Windows game. Pixel count: 20,064.


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