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Legal Crime 1.1.5

I just uploaded Legal Crime 1.1.5 to Download Central. Legal Crime is one of my favorite games, yet this is the first time I put up the game itself for download. Here are a few additional details.

The archive is repacked as a solid RAR for smaller size, but it’s the original installer. Now, I’ve written before that I hate installers and how to bypass them. With Legal Crime, it would have been easy to zip up the game folder, and it would even have saved a Megabyte or so. But I felt that in this case the installer has some value of it’s own, it forms a nice overture to the game, and it shows some graphics not present in the game itself. Once you’ve installed it, you can move the game folder around at will, or transfer it to another computer.

1.1.5 is not the latest version. I have a later one, 1.2.3, which has no additional gameplay features (as far as I remember), but two new animations: An explosion for the terrorist, and the destruction of the Cadillac. Unfortunately, it also has checksums on the maps and scenarios, and some serials don’t work any more.

The thing is: As much as I’d like to encourage you to buy the game (I did, back in 1999), you probably won’t be able to do it any more. None of the resellers listed in the original documentation carries it any more. The shareware allows you to play a limited number of scenarios, I think the first 20. You can trick the game by renaming or editing scenarios, the checksums prevent that. And there are some serials floating around the Internet. I won’t disseminate them myself, but they’re not difficult to find. None of them works on 1.2.3, so I thought you’d be better served with the slightly older version.

Multiplayer works only over the Internet, there is no LAN option. I once was contacted by someone who said he’d fix that but never heard from him later. The original servers are all down, but you can still play over Kali.

That’s really all for the moment. I have an old Legal Crime page, which I haven’t updated for more than seven years, but I guess I’ll have to now, won’t I? You can read the original documentation, and I have an older download page with the map/scenario editor and a few maps. Two fan pages (back from 1998) are still up, Mossad and Syndicate. All the others are long gone, most were on Xoom.

Maybe I’ll start a dedicated blog about Legal Crime the way I started one about Fallout. I’ll see.


2 responses to “Legal Crime 1.1.5

  1. Alan March 12, 2012 at 05:12

    Hi Gonnagan, i just remembered this game and thnxs to you i can play it again. I just needed a little bit of help, you said that you can change the names of the maps and that way you can play the rest of the maps in the practice mode. How do you do that?, still by changing the maps i can’t play the rest of the levels.

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