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Twelve years on the Internet

I just noticed that it’s now more than twelve years that I’m on the Internet. I got my connection on August 5, 1999. Since I bought my first new computer on this occasion, this was also the time I started playing computer games seriously. I took possession of the web space that came with my cable connection in November or December. The first things I uploaded were German poems by various authors. I don’t think I posted anything game related before 2001. The oldest game-related uploads I can still date are the Legal Crime docs in January and You Play Too Much DOOM When… in February. I had a favicon since June in that year and used style sheets since at least September.

The web sure has changed since then. Sometimes I miss the old days. There was no Wikipedia, but there were millions of websites on GeoCities, FortuneCities, Yahoo, Xoom, and countless smaller servers that often had excellent information about a wide variety of topics. There was no almighty Google, but there were links between these websites. I used to surf for hours, swinging from site to site like Tarzan swings from tree to tree. There were no blogs but sometimes people told interesting or funny things from their lives on their websites.

Things change. Not always for the better.


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