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Web hosting prices in 2003

I just discovered an old file on my hard drive where I had collected the offers of a few web hosts, probably in January 2003. I’ve simply copied it over, just removing two broken links:

  • Seanic.Net: 35MB for $3.92/month, 2 GB transfer.
  • AIT: 100MB for $4.95/month, 20 GB transfer.
  • Future Host: 100MB for $3.40/month, 5 GB transfer.
  • OCCHosting: 100MB for $4.95/month.
  • Empyreal Hosting: 100MB for $5/month, 5 GB transfer.
  • 500MB for $6.95/month, 25 GB transfer.
  • iPowerWeb: 500MB for $7.95/month, 30 GB transfer, lots of extras.
  • Nexpoint: 500MB for $8.25/month, unmetered bandwidth. Dedicated servers from $99/month.
  • PowWeb Hosting: 650MB for $7.77/month, 45 GB transfer.
  • 750MB for $9.95/month, 20 GB transfer.

If you follow the links and look what they’re offering now, you’ll note that in most cases prices remained the same, transfer has increased somewhat but not all that much, but webspace has increased immensely, unlimited not being uncommon.

Commercial hosting was becoming more relevant in 2003. A few years earlier, only institutions, companies and a few freaks had their own domain, the typical personal homepage or fan page was hosted on some free service. But now these free hosts were becoming scarcer.

Originally I just collected these for informational purposes, but a few months afterwards I launched my first project with a domain and commercial webspace, King Svatopluk’s Court. I think I originally chose HostOnce, which I left later because they were migrating from Unix to Windows. For a few years I was on PowWeb, which I left because back then they didn’t support multiple domains (they do now). Currently I’m a happy customer of DreamHost.


2 responses to “Web hosting prices in 2003

  1. Daniel Saner September 15, 2011 at 00:58

    Do you remember Xoom? 🙂
    I’m pretty sure that my first websites were hosted there. They were, I believe, the first to offer free “unlimited space” webhosting, which didn’t work out for them. They were taken over by NBC in 2000 and shut down for good in 2001. They were a real 90s WWW haven, they even had their own animated GIF gallery their users could steal files from to make annoying, visually overloaded websites.
    I then changed to Spaceports. They soon stopped offering free services though (in 2003 I believe), and today seem to exist only to host existing sites, not taking any new customers.
    Finally I also used Anzwers, which interestingly enough still exists and offers unlimited free hosting. That was shortly before I decided that paying for a domain name and hosting became affordable.

    • Gonnagan September 15, 2011 at 14:18

      Sure I remember Xoom. Nearly all the Legal Crime fan pages were hosted there, and a lot of other game pages too, if I remember correctly. NBC moved all those sites to, which was extremely annoying if you had a site with thousands of outside links, as I had.

      Now that you mention it I remember Spaceports as well, though I had little to do with them. I think when they were active and offered free hosting, the classic personal home page/fan page was already dying.

      I never before heard of Anzwers. Nice to see there are still free hosts around. FortuneCity still offers free hosting as well.

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