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New “GameApps” section on Download Central

Yesterday I added a new section to Download Central. I called it GameApps. Any programs related to games will go there: Level editors, savegame editors, viewers for file formats used in games. At the moment the section contains only two downloads, BoBaFeTT’s Diablo Trainer and the Daggerfall savegame editor DaggeD. The section will most likely grow slowly, since I do not intend to search systematically for programs of this kind, I’ll upload mostly what I’ve used myself.

The section will contain only PC programs, but not sorted by software platform, nor by the game they are related to. The reason for the former is that the platform often does not correspond with the platform of the game, DaggeD for example is a Windows program designed to edit the savegames of a DOS game. The reason for the latter is that games developed by the same company often share file formats, so a viewer could not be assigned to a specific game.

Maybe game makers will go into this section as well, I haven’t decided yet. For patches and maps I’ll probably make a separate section in the future.


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