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Fallout demo, Legal Crime, Diablo pre-release

I didn’t upload much during August, but I uploaded a couple of files that are larger than the typical Download Central game: The Fallout Windows demo (18MB), Legal Crime 1.1.5 (8.4MB), and the Diablo pre-release demo (55MB). They are quite popular, all three of them have made it into the top twelve Windows 9x games. Actually the download numbers are somewhat inflated, since many of these downloads are incomplete. The average size my statistics show is between half and two thirds of the actual file size.

This is one of the reasons I’m reluctant to put up larger files, they generate a lot of wasted bandwidth. My favorites are files below 1MB, and in most cases 10MB is the limit. I only upload larger files if they are somehow special to me. Both the Fallout and Diablo demo are. I’m thinking about offering larger files as torrents instead. There are some open trackers (OpenBitTorrent, PublicBitTorrent) anybody can use without even registering, and I could easily seed 10–12 hours a day.


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