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Changing the country tags

Since I’m still quite new to blogging, I haven’t really figured out yet to use categories and tags best. I will probably be creating new ones and removing old ones for quite a while. (I’m nearly rid of the “Games” category. Not a very bright idea on a blog dedicated mainly to games.)

Today I changed the country tags. Instead of tags like Russian games, Japanese games, German games, there are now tags for the countries themselves, and I’m using them more extensively, not only for the origin of games. Under Egypt, you’ll find not only Haridy Columns but some Pharaoh screenshots as well.

So far, I’ve used the USA tag rather sparingly. There simply are more games from the USA than from anywhere else (in early July, more than a third of all the files on Download Central were from the USA), so I try to use it only when it really makes sense, usually when I explicitly mention the USA in the post.


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