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The increasingly increasing speed of Internet connections

In all the twelve years I’ve been on the Internet, I’ve never changed providers. I have chello broadband, now owned by UPC, which was then the only cable connection you could get in Vienna. I still think it’s the best thing you can get around here in most cases. For twelve years, my fees have stayed the same, but the speed of my connection has steadily increased.

I remember that back in 2000, when Napster was the big thing, it took me about the same time to download a song as to play it, that is, I could download about 1MB per minute. Nowadays I can download 1MB in one second. Now I find upon reviewing my Van Buren page, that in April 2007 it took me 40 minutes to download the 240MB tech demo, that’s 6MB per minute or 10 seconds for 1MB.

So the speed first increased sixfold in seven years, and now tenfold in four years. Not only do Internet connections get faster, they get faster faster!


2 responses to “The increasingly increasing speed of Internet connections

  1. Daniel Saner September 23, 2011 at 21:06

    The only real national cable broadband provider in Switzerland is Cablecom, also owned by UPC. The situation there is about the same, ever increasing speeds for the same price.

    I have been with my phone companie’s ADSL service for many years now, ever since I went from ISDN dial-up to ADSL broadband. Things are very different there. From looking at their offers, it seems like their highest bandwidth is less than half Cablecom’s lowest bandwidth, for a much higher price.

    There’s actually no reason I should be staying, I’m definitely overpaying. I still have the smallest 5 Mbps connection. But to be honest I can’t currently be bothered to change providers. I cannot see many situations in which I would profit from more than 5 Mbps. For most of the things I do on the Internet, the bottleneck is on the side of the other server. There are few exceptions, such as downloading from servers connected to SwissIX.

    • Gonnagan September 24, 2011 at 19:34

      It mostly matters with torrents. With a well-seeded torrent, only the speed of your connection is the limit. On the other hand, the way torrents work, it doesn’t matter how long they take, so why bother?

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