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Graphic headers for The Orchard

After discovering FlamingText and blogging about it (I described it in my previous post) I simply had to try it out somehow. The best candidate for a header makeover turned out to be The Orchard, my old Macintosh site that hasn’t received all that many updates since April 2004. So I gave each page a graphic header (no flaming text of course, not even animated), checked all the links, removed the obsolete buttons, and brushed up the homepage a bit.

I hardly ever mess around with Macs any more. It was mainly two years of my life, from spring 2003 to spring 2005, that I was really interested. That was the time I built up my collection and took screenshots of all the Macintosh games you can download from Astoria. In December 2007 I activated some of my Macs again, but it didn’t last very long. Though the whole Macintosh culture has always fascinated me, I never got along with the machines themselves very well. I know they are supposed to be easier to use, but for me they never were. For me, they were always awfully complicated.

I’ll probably update the Orchard a bit more regularly now. There is stuff that still needs to be done, the link list isn’t particularly useful as it is now. A lot of this stuff is old, it makes more sense now to tell the story instead of just listing a few links. I might change the graphic headers again as well, I don’t know if I’ve really picked the best. But I sure do like the idea of graphic headers as such, it’s what’s going to motivate me to start working on Astoria again.


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