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Here be flaming text

I googled “flaming text” and lo and behold, this search returned 16.8 million results. It’s obviously (still?) quite a catchphrase, there are Photoshop tutorials, WordPress plugins, and numerous tools. I won’t go into a rant or historical musings now (I leave that for another post), I’ll just present a few of the services I found.


FlamingText (going back to 1999 according to the copyright notice) is probably the biggest and best. They offer a huge choice of fonts and effects, animated and non-animated, from spectacular to elegant. They are on Facebook and Twitter. They sell FlamingText GIMP that allows you to do all this on your own computer. The example that I’ve chosen is really one of the less attractive that you can create there, but the one most fitting the motto. Here are some really elegant examples using gradients.

FlameWordMaker specializes on flames inside the font. You get only two variants of the fire animation. Otherwise there are lots of choices, numerous fonts (that unfortunately cannot be previewed), the border color can be freely chosen, a slant can be set for the font. The animation speed can be chosen as well. FlameWordMaker was designed for MySpace and allows direct linking to the created image. The images tend to be quite large, this one is three times the size of FlamingText’s.

Home of Poi is an old New Zealand site with articles about many topics. Their flaming text generator creates JPEGs, so no animation and transparent backgrounds. The choice of background and text colors is rather limited, so it’s probably best fit for websites with solid white or black backgrounds, but the big advantage is that file sizes are very small.

My Name on Fire just arranges animated letters to a word and gives you the HTML code (you can link directly to the images on their server). The big disadvantage of this system is that many small animations are far heavier on the CPU than a single big one. That is why I will not post an example here.


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