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Download Central is one year old

Today it is exactly one year ago that I officially launched Download Central. Just as six months ago, I’m quite happy with the way it has grown, even though the growth was a lot slower in the last three months. With nearly 1,500 downloads, I considered it not so much a work in progress any more, but as something that is fine as it is, even though it will of course grow further.

Back in June, I updated Download Central mainly to make it grow, and uploaded mostly completely new stuff. But one of the reasons I created it in the first place was to concentrate all my downloads on one server. I especially wanted to get rid of the unsatisfactory situation on Astoria, but I had and have downloads on various places: Daggerfall downloads, Diablo downloads, Fallout downloads, Legal Crime downloads, the Constructor patch, QBasic, Fintris.

There are still about 250 files linked directly from Astoria. These will be the next to get moved, which will mean creating at least a Mac and an Atari ST section on Download Central. I’m not sure if I’ll keep offering 8-bit games at all. That’s not really my realm.

I gained a little distance as well. For a while, Download Central became “my” site more than the others, and I was tempted to turn it into something it probably shouldn’t be. I designed it as a file archive, something where you can go and get a short rap sheet and look at one screenshot and download the file, something that can be browsed within limits but is mainly intended to be linked to from elsewhere. FreeFind, it can be searched, but since it does not use a database, searches are mainly limited to the game’s name. Any systematic indexing is supposed to take place elsewhere.

In this context let me remind you that you can link to Download Central as much and in any way you like. It’s supposed to be a good place to link to when you write about a game, or games!


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