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It’s a pity with pop-ups…

…that they’ve been abused so much. They are actually quite useful.

Back in 2000, when I was new to the whole HTML thing, I used them a lot. Now, when I look at what I did then, I still like the effects. Here is my old bookshelf. At the top of the page, a few poems are linked. For the shorter ones, you get the option “JavaScript version.” They will then load in a window of an exactly fitting size. I originally designed it so that the windows would have no tool bars at all, but newer browsers add an address field anyway.

Or take this German computer history. If you scroll down to the years 1977–81, you will find links labeled Tandy TRS-80, Commodore Pet, and IBM-PC. Each will open a little window with an image. The images are so small that there was no real reason not to inline them, but I liked this way better (and remember, 640×480 desktops were not uncommon then). You have these images on your screen, you can push them around, arrange them as you want, close them or leave them open when you’ve already left the article itself.

Compare on the other hand these scripts that have become so popular nowadays, where you click on an image link, your whole browser window grows dark or pale and the image is plastered right over the article, you have to close the image to continue reading. Now that’s annoying. I like my old pop-up solution a lot better.


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