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Doesn’t Firefox have a cache?

I just noticed that when you save an image from Firefox, the browser doesn’t just copy the already downloaded image to the destination of your choice, it downloads the image again. I noticed because I was on a chan where remote linking is prohibited, and images (naturally) open in a new tab. When I tried to download an opened picture I would get the “no hotlinking” image instead. I had to download from the thread link.

This is annoying on several levels, it’s a waste of bandwidth, a waste of time, and it makes it practically impossible to download a picture that has expired, I’d have to take a screenshot, which is silly. I already knew that Firefox always re-fetches a page when you use the back button, but I didn’t know about the image thing.

I think I’ve been using Firefox for six years now, since 1.0.6 or something like that, and I like it for its many often very useful add-ons, but slowly I’m beginning to wonder if it might not be time to look for another browser, one that uses its cache properly.


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