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After one year Download Central, what’s downloaded most?

Now that Download Central is one year old and offers about 1,500 files, download patterns are hardly different from what they were six months ago. Meanwhile about three out of four files are “new” in the sense that I haven’t offered them for download before, but there are still just the same two in the top twelve downloads: Xonix32 and GobMan. Back then, they had only just entered the top twelve, now they are further up, that’s all. #12 of the new downloads was #42 six months ago, now it’s #32. Not much change either.

What is interesting is that a few games that I had been offering for years have had sudden boosts in popularity. Most remarkably and most recently Thu Nguyen’s Caro, which was #8 at the end of September but will probably be far higher up when I make the first October stats. Lines’98 is another one, and Heretic, while it hasn’t made it into the top twelve in general, is at least among the top twelve DOS games.


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