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Updates on Astoria

This longish post is just a digest of the Astoria newsfeed of the last week, if you’re already subscribed to that, don’t bother with it.

Stripper Poker

I noticed that the Stripper Poker website is gone, has been gone for nearly three years now. The domain is parked, it’s probably no longer possible to buy or get the full game. I moved the Stripper Poker demo download to Download Central, and I wound up completely redesigning the page. Took me quite some time, I didn’t know that you can sit for the better part of a day over a single page. Some of the opponents had little homepages on the old website, I salvaged those from the Wayback Machine, you can admire them in an iframe approximately the size of a 1997 browser window. The whole page now has a web 1.0 look inspired by a partial mirror of the old Stripper Poker website. I hope you’ll like it, I sure do.

RealGirls Strip Poker

Since 2009, Pokai Software no longer sell this game. The website is still up, you can download the patches and the hints and screenshots remain, but you can no longer buy the game or download the demo. So I put up the Windows demo on Download Central, and I gave the page a new design similar to the old Pokai website before 2002. I noticed that my page is actually rather poor, there’s very little on it, but then RealGirls Strip Poker is not a game I’ve played a lot.

Game Makers for Isometric Games

The page about Game makers for isometric games was seven and a half years old. I expanded the section about IsoWorld, which SpriTec now considers legacy software and sells to a reduced price (you get a commercial license for what previously the consumer license cost), removed a broken link and added some info about FIFE, though it’s technically not a game maker and requires actual programming.

Artworx’ Cabin Fever: Snowbound

Basically I’ve collected all that can be found about Artworx’ Cabin Fever: Snowbound, which is not much: A pre-release blurb, the text from the product page (just a blurb as well), a very small boxshot, a resized compressed screenshot, and one review from a newsgroup. I corrected the release year, which was 1997, not 1998. Artworx no longer sells Cabin Fever, the product page is still up but not linked from the homepage. I gave the page a new, unique design as well.

Strip Poker Games

As you may have noticed, I’m at the moment updating a lot of strip poker pages. Most of them date back to 2004, when my interest in this genre was greatest. I’m giving them independent designs and layouts as well, something I plan to do with most of the site, but of course it takes time. I’ve made a section for these updated pages at the top of the main strip poker page, and added thumbnails for the downloads near the bottom.

The Elder Scrolls, Arena, Daggerfall

These three pages now have a new design using the background image of the book section of The Evening Star, a defunct but archived Daggerfall fan page. On The Elder Scrolls page, I have updated the Travels section, the Arena page has new screenshots and a few new sections, the Daggerfall page has its link section fully back and updated.

Megatech Games

The page about the four Megatech games is one of the oldest pages on Astoria, and it was the first one that had a link from elsewhere pointing to it, so it is dear to my heart. Since most of the text is quoted from the old Megatech website, I had long thought that it would be a nice idea to give it a design similar to that website as well. Now I’ve finally done it. There are a few small updates to the introductions. The pages for the games are at the moment unchanged.

Caro, the Vietnamese Gomoku

Thu Nguyen’s Caro, which has been for download for five and a half years, has suddenly gained in popularity immensely, it is at the moment the most downloaded game on Download Central. So I researched a bit and here’s now a page about Caro, which is the Vietnamese variant of Gomoku with slightly different rules. Currently there are two games of that name for download. Both are actually standard Gomokus and do not implement the special Vietnamese rule.

Planescape: Torment, Neverwinter Nights

The Planescape: Torment and Neverwinter Nights pages now both have a new design based on their respective official websites, which are both long defunct. Otherwise I’ve mainly just updated the links where necessary.


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