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1,500 downloads on Download Central, some future plans

Today I uploaded Der Clou! for Amiga/AGA (the DOS version will follow in the next days), and with that, there are now 1,500 downloads on Download Central. It took some time, in June alone I uploaded 200 files, now it took me three months and two weeks to upload a hundred. Here’s some comment on that and my plans for the next future.

As I’ve said before, I’m at the moment not interested in adding to Download Central just to make it grow. There are now more than 500 DOS games, more than 600 Windows 3.1 games, more than 250 Windows 9x games. Each of these sections alone would make a fine site, especially I don’t think you’ll easily find a bigger Windows 3.1 collection in one place. My main interest at the moment is reviving Astoria. In the past year I updated it mainly as was needed for DlC, in the next time it will be the other way round.

There are at the moment still about 250 download links from Astoria. Some of them are already obsolete and I just haven’t updated the pages yet, but there are surely around 200 files still to be transferred. I’d like to have this done till the end of the year. This will make the addition of new sections for Macintosh, Atari ST, Atari Falcon, and 8-bit Atari necessary. I’ll probably drop the other 8-bit platforms completely, I have only few downloads for them anyway.

Another addition will be a “Misc” section for anything I don’t feel the need to present in detail: patches, tools, mods, slideshows, whatever. I’ll merge the GameApps section into this, it wasn’t such a hot idea, it makes things too complicated. I’m just not quite decided on how I’ll structure the Misc section at the moment.

I’m also thinking of adding a sort of tag or meta system where downloads are listed according to certain properties. I already have a list of Win32s games. I’m thinking of adding one for CGA games, since there seems to be quite some interest for that. The CGA gallery on Svatopluk’s DOSBox is nearly always under the top twelve. Lists for text mode games and commercial Windows demos might also be good ideas.


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