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I never really got warm with Final Fantasy

A long time ago, it may have been in 2001, I played the first Final Fantasy game through nearly to the end, except for the end boss fight. End bosses rarely interest me. I took tons of screenshots, but I lost them all later in some hard drive accident. It’s a pity. I think I had screenshots of every single monster in the game.

I know I played Final Fantasy VI in the summer of 2001, for on one of the last days of August I put a couple of screenshots online. Later they wandered around a bit, but I’ve restored them on their original place, so you can admire them, or laugh at them, whatever. I was still rather new to web design then. As for the game, I played it to the end of the World of Balance but never got further. Too many decisions, or something like that.

In the spring or summer of 2003 I played Final Fantasy VII. I took a number of screenshots I haven’t put online so far, but then I don’t really think the world suffers under a lack of Final Fantasy VII screenshots. I played it up to the battle of the Shinra Building, about halfways through the first of three CDs, then I quit. I didn’t like a decision I had made, but didn’t want to fight the whole battle through again either. I wasn’t really fond of the combination of 3D and cartoony characters either.

I played the demo of Final Fantasy VIII once. I was quite impressed. The 3D didn’t really look good yet (that happened a couple of years later, around the time of Doom 3, but good enough that I enjoyed watching the cutscenes like a movie. The plot was a bit cheesy though, the characters rather clichéd.

In a way I never got warm with the Final Fantasy games the way I did with Chrono Trigger, Terranigma, Earthbound, or Dragon Quest. That’s just the way it is.


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