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I’m researching the history of Moorhuhnjagd, and came across this interesting tidbit: Not long before there was a promotion for Gordon’s Gin. A specially trained team went into select bars and let patrons create a perfect Gordon’s Tonic on a computer game named Ginderella. This was obviously the direct model for Moorhuhnjagd, for the planned event ran the same way. A promotion team went into select bars (only 50 in total) and let the patrons shoot grouse on laptops. Those who did well got a free Johnny Walker, those who did very well got a CD with the game. That the game was passed on and went viral was unintended, though probably inevitable.

Ginderella is mentioned in the September 1998 issue of a German gastronomy journal, and by Micha van der Meer in a 2010 interview. There seem to be no English language sources, the promotion probably took place in Germany.


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