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Ningyou Tsukai and Licca-chan

I just submitted an entry for Ningyō Tsukai to MobyGames, and doing so I noticed that in the dialog screen, one of the two contrahents has a name comprised of two katakana (リカ) I could easily google. It turned out that this is the name of a dress-up doll very popular in Japan, Licca Kayama (Licca-chan). Here’s a photo (from Wikipedia) of the original Licca-chan 1967, and a pic of Licca in Ningyō Tsukai:

I don’t think that’s a mere coincidence. Another interesting aspect is that JWPce’s dictionary gives me a number of meanings for these two katakana, the first one being science (理科). Remember that the science girl in Chrono Trigger had a very similar name—Lucca?


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