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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Screenshots on my hard drive

This is just a chronological list of games I have played, I don’t know if it’s of any interest for other people. For me, it’s a bit of a to-do list in parts.

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Manhattan Dealers by Louis-Marie Rocques

Before Louis-Marie Rocques founded Silmarils with his brother André and Philippe Plas, he wrote a number of 8-bit games, mainly for the various Thompson computers, published by Loriciels and little known outside France. Manhattan Dealers, known in the USA as Operation: Cleanstreets, occupies a space somewhere in between. It was the first game released under the Silmarils label, but also the last game made by Louis-Marie Rocques alone, and it does not share some of the characteristics that would become typical for Silmarils games.

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A new theme for the ISA-Bus

I’ve changed the theme of this blog from zBench to Twenty Ten. While I liked the look of zBench, its main column is only 633 pixels in width, so when I posted a 640×400 or 640×480 screenshot, a few pixels on were cut off. Twenty Ten displays them fully.

The header picture from Wikimedia Commons, resized and heavily cropped. You can find the full picture here.

Sex, crime, and Megatech Software

From the beginning, Megatech left no doubt about what they were selling. A sizzling adventure, the non-interactive demo promised, full of luscious beautiful ladies, tantalizing women held against their will. Are you man enough to challenge Kaiser and his henchmen for control of Cobra City?? The LADIES of Cobra City will thank you in ways that will leave you screaming in ECSTASY!!! Are you ready to have the grateful women of Cobra envelope you with their wet kisses and appreciative bodies?

Yes, they were laying it on thick. But the game delivered what the demo promised. Cobra Mission is a sort of B-picture. You walk around fighting weird gangsters, and the unique battle system lends a lot more thrill to combat than the standard turn-based variety would. The luscious beautiful ladies, waiting to be saved, are there, and if you get the moves in the minigame right, they do reward you with sex. Again, the minigame is a lot lore immersive than a simple slideshow, as in most other eroge, would be. The pictures finally, found as “magazines” or swapped for underwear, don’t let the tension drop too low in between. After all, you only get to save a lady ever so often. It’s a well-balanced composition, one of the reasons I called it Megatech’s masterpiece.

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80s fighting games on the PC

The next Megatech game is Metal & Lace, and since it is a fighting game, I wanted to know what games of this type were available when it came out. Here are, for now, all the games listed on MobyGames either under versus fighting or beat ’em up/brawler that have DOS versions that were released before 1990, a cool dozen. The screenshots are all from MobyGames.

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