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A note to my Twitter followers

Currently, I’m writing about two completely different topics. Three weeks ago, I started a new blog about painting, poetry, music, and the like. And I have this blog, and a couple of websites, about computer games and computers in general. But I only have one Twitter account, which I use to publicize updates on any of these blogs or sites.

When I started my new blog, I briefly thought about creating a new Twitter account as well, but dismissed it. I try to word the titles of my posts in a way that it should be fairly clear which topic they belong to (WordPress updates are tweeted automatically). If you are interested in the arts only, you can follow Vivat! Crescat! Floreat! directly, though I think you need a WordPress account for that. This is currently the only place where I post about this topic, and if that ever changes, I’ll announce it there.


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