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Mobile devices bring back simple web design

There was a time when web sites became huge, sprawling, multi-column things. They looked like a newspaper. Nearly all sites created with Joomla do. Joomla was first introduced 2005, the time when desktop sizes increased radically and fast. A few years earlier, 1024×768 had been something like the standard resolution.

But soon, the increasing importance of mobile devices brought a countertrend. I see that a lot on Tumblr. Many Tumblr themes are designed for mobile devices, including such features as horizontal scrolling that is not popular on desktop PCs. But, most of all they have simple designs with either only a single column, or a second one just used for minimal navigation.

You see that trend on WordPress too, after all, more and more WordPress themes are ported from Tumblr. Font embedding may have something to do with that trend as well, it’s simply finally possible to create typographically beautiful websites—and people do.


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