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A Malware Warning and Some Consequences

A couple of hours ago I wanted to check something on my old site and got a malware warning from Google. Someone had hacked the site and put some sort of script (no idea what exactly it was supposed to do) on every page. I reuploaded the site and changed the FTP password, so there shouldn’t be any more problems. I asked for a review, but it was a bit premature, I had overlooked some quaint subfolders. In the meantime I hope I’ve really reuploaded, or deleted, everything that was infected, but it might take some time for the warning to go away.

The annoying thing is that most of my newer sites still link back to the old one, especially Download Central. Most of the game concept links went back to the old site, and all of the flags, as far as they were linked at all. I have now un-linked the flags and started building an index of game concepts right on Download Central. So far, it has eighteen entries. There are more than a hundred game concepts, so it may take a while till it is complete, but most of the links back to the old site should already be eliminated.

In any case: Download Central itself was never affected, nor any downloads, no matter where they are hosted. It was merely a script on the HTML pages of Astoria, nothing more.


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