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Onswipe for iPads

I just activated Onswipe, a special theme for iPads and similar tablets, for this blog. Since I don’t have a device of this kind, I can’t test it. I’d be happy about any feedback concerning the launch screen and logo, which is pretty much the only thing that lies in my power to change.


One response to “Onswipe for iPads

  1. Marilyn kays May 29, 2012 at 02:47

    Hello, I enjoyed browsing through your on swipe iPad version of your blog. I also have a swipe version of my blog, but I am not that thrilled with it. It does not adjust my picture header for sideways view. I am waiting for another free theme that might look better on an iPad. Your content however looks good. I just discovered the menu which at times disappears, but I wanted to see your blogs by topic. Too confusing to jump around. I think I will try to give mobile users some hints because I have several disparate topics. Thanks for your observations.

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