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Multiple Versions of Internet Explorer on One System

It’s really frightfully simple: just put an empty file named IEXPLORE.exe.local into the directory of the old version of Internet Explorer that you want to run. That’s all. I don’t know how far up it works, but it works with IE6 and older under XP. Two things:

  1. You still can’t install an older version when a newer one is already there. You can keep an older version when you’re upgrading, or transfer an installed version from another system.
  2. There might be other incompatibilities, since upgrading IE replaces a lot of DLLs. After upgrading form IE6 to IE8, IE4 would no longer run, while IE3 still does.


Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work with IE8 any more. IE8 installs a new rendering engine that will be used by IE6 as well, so all you get is the old interface. Luckily, IE8 can be uninstalled. Now IE4 runs again 🙂


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