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How We Surfed Ten Years Ago

This is, of course, not a computer ad. It’s the first photo in a longish series. Later on, the lady somewhat predictably sheds all her clothes and does some weird things to her nether regions. This is beside the point here. While used as a prop and not even on, the computer and desk are not a stage setting, but an actual workspace.

The EXIF info is intact, so we know that the photo was taken late in 2002. The rig was probably fairly new. The monitor is a Proview, probably from 2000. I’m not sure but I think it’s a 15″. If it was the photographer’s, he would probably have run it at its maximum resolution, 1024×768. Other people might have preferred 800×600, so text would be better readable.

On outfits like these, the web was viewed, and in most cases designed, ten years ago. The desktop revolution of the years that followed is often a greater obstacle when viewing these old sites than changes in HTML standards and coding habits.

Here are a few reviews of Proview monitors from around 2001:


One response to “How We Surfed Ten Years Ago

  1. Mijo June 23, 2012 at 22:19

    Haha you’re real geek! 😉 Look at that beauty!!! Alive one!

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