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Did Wizardry Invent the Alchemist Class?

I’ve started playing Wizardry 8 again, and read up a bit on the history of the series. It occurred to me that Bane of the Cosmic Forge, back in 1990, may have been the first RPG to introduce Alchemist as a playable class. Dungeons & Dragons, didn’t get one until ruleset 3.5 in 2003.

Otherwise, the oldest examples that I found are Final Fantasy Tactics, which had a Chemist job class similar to the Wizardry Alchemist, and Atelier Marie. Both are from 1997. Anyone know otherwise?

Update: Dungeons & Dragons

It turns out that there is not, and never was, an official D&D character class alchemist. None of the player handbooks I checked even contains the words “alchemist” or “alchemy”. There have been homebrew alchemist character classes at least since 1976, when Jon Pickens wrote an article on this topic for the second number of The Dragon. The concept seems to have been popular, but was never made official.


2 responses to “Did Wizardry Invent the Alchemist Class?

  1. ECM June 6, 2012 at 02:52

    Check this out:

    “New D&D Character Class: The Alchemist, A” by Jon Pickens, The Dragon #2(pp. 28) (OD&D)

    Apparently it was a playable class in D&D loooong before it made it into Wizardry.

    • Gonnagan June 6, 2012 at 11:34

      Thanks, that’s interesting. There’s some more discussion about it here. I’ll make an update, or a new post, as soon as I get my hands on that article.

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