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Lord Hienmitey

I never played any other Wizardry game but 8, and only by reading CRPG Addict’s Wizardry V review I learned that there is a character named “Lord Hienmitey” in this game. For someone living in Vienna, this name is rather baffling. It looks a lot like one of the more bizarre dishes of Viennese cuisine, Hirn mit Ei (brain with eggs). Read aloud as German with an Austrian accent, it would sound exactly the same.

Of course, this might just be a strange coincidence. But while the term Hirn mit Ei might be known to anyone who ever spent a holiday in Vienna, transforming “Hirn” to “Hien” would indicate some familiarity with Austrian vernacular. The image, BTW, is from the FM Towns version of Wizardry V, which had 256 color graphics at double resolution.


2 responses to “Lord Hienmitey

  1. Kyle June 8, 2012 at 21:00

    I read it as “High-and-mighty.” US accent.

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