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Two Screenshots

The first screenshot is from Wizardry 8, released in November 2001 after being in development for nearly five years. It shows the Wilderness Clearing, admittedly not the most impressive outdoor scenery in this game, rendered at 1600×1200 pixels, with the HUD cropped off:

The second screenshot is from Carnivores 2, released in October 1999, rendered at 1600×1200 as well:

Wizardry 8 used Hybrid Graphics’ SurRender 3D engine, which was quite new when development of the game started in late 1996. The engine was in active development for a while, in late 1997 or early 1998 Hybrid switched from C to C++. As a product, it was discontinued in 2000.

Carnivores 2 uses the AtmosFear engine, which was developed in-house by Action Forms. It was already used in Carnivores a year earlier and I guess it was not changed a lot in between. That Carnivores 2 looks better is probably due to improved modelling rather.

So the two engines are more or less contemporaries, still the differences could not be more amazing. It’s one of the things I like in Carnivores 2: Playing it feels like walking around in a real landscape.


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